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Hello You

It’s great to have you

If you haven’t gathered already, I’m a writer.

What you might not know is that I have a nerdy interest in websites and online business, meaning I write online. A LOT.

I built my first website in 2005, and own over thirty domain names. Even my three kids have their own dot com. Like all good hoarders I’m slowly letting them go.

Not one to bore you with my life story, I can tell you I have all the usual traits of a writer, including making my own story books when I was a child, and an unhealthy love of stationery.

A few other things about me

I’m a multi -passionate Brit, that loves to travel, read, write, and help people. My favourite things are my three beautiful children, husband, and our nutty Beagle. I also like G&T, Twiglets and Banana Cake. Some other little known facts about me are that I:

  • Completed a Master of Science degree and am published in a Medical journal and Nursing journal
  • Ran the 2017 Perth marathon
  • Used to be a Paediatric Emergency Room Sister
  • Am a secret online course junkie
  • Have self-published a book

If you have a writing project you need to outsource then I’m your woman.

Check out my price list for everything that I do, from Linked in Bio’s to eBook lead magnets and website pages.



I also write fiction

You can reach me at: